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The Iona Community
A dispersed Christian ecumenical community working for peace, social justice and the renewal of worship

View from the Pier
A writer's journey of self-discovery

The New World Foundation
An organization of Associate Members and Friends of the Iona Community living in the USA

Project Egeria
Focused on the preservation and promotion of pilgrimage monuments in the Mediterranean

Abraham's Path
A route of walking that follows the footsteps of Abraham across the middle east.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
962 cultural and national heritage sites around the world

Explore Faith
Spiritual guidance for anyone seeking a path to God

Information on heritage and community for those visiting The Holy Island

Community of Aidan and Hilda
A dispersed ecumenical body drawing inspiration from the lives of the Celtic Saints

Confraternity of St. James
Describes and supports the undertaking of a pilgrimage to Santiago, the shrine of St. James

St. Cuthbert's Way
Describes a 62.5 mile walking route across the Scottish Boarders from Melrose to Lindisfarne

Spirituality and Practice
Offers resources for spiritual journeys

Christian Practices of Faith
Explores a way of life shaped by practices that respond to God's grace and love

Pilgrimage: Story, Spirit, Witness, Place
A "community-in-print" that contemplates inward and outward exploration



  Finding the Waymarkers: A Pilgrim's Journal for Modern Times


Finding the Waymarkers: A Pilgrim's Journal for Modern Times

by Susan Copeland

(Paperback; 360º binding for ease of journaling)

Buy new: $14.95

Finding the Waymarkers: A Pilgrim's Journal for Modern Times is Available Now


Table of Contents for Pilgrim's Journal

  1. To Be A Pilgrim
2. How to Use This Journal
3. Movements of Pilgrimage
  • Longing
  • Preparation
  • Journey
  • Arrival
  • Return
  • Afterlife of Pilgrimage

4. Pilgrim Prayers and Blessings
5. Pilgrimage Sites
6. Resources
7. Images
8. Acknowledgements

Testimonials for Finding the Waymarkers: A Pilgrim's Journal for Modern Times




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