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Nov. 7, 2010

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Coming Full Circle

  Iona window for pilgrims  
  posted November 7, 2010  

For pilgrimages are circular -
they are progressions in a circle - one comes
in order to return, not in order to stay; one fills oneself
with the sacredness transpiring from the relic and one
departs home. No one can stand for long the overbearing
presence of the sacred.

William Melczer

I am once again sitting in a train car on the West Highland Railway, this time heading back to Glasgow and home. It is a Sunday evening and the train seems to be fully occupied with high school age students returning to Glasgow for a week of school. Books are open and there are laptops in operation at most table seats. It feels like study hall.

The eagerness of the journey out to Iona has been replaced by a sense of fullness in mind and spirit as I return. I’m contemplating new possibilities I wouldn’t have imaged just a week ago. I am eager to use the waymarkers in my heart to let this pilgrimage truly be a new beginning. I want to examine my life and the life of the world in new ways. I pray that I will be able to keep my hands open and my mind receptive to the movement of the Spirit.

Several of the high windows in the Iona Abbey are graced with what at first glance appear to be swirling commas. There are always three or more that look as though they are flowing in a circular motion together. A permanent staff member of the Iona Community once told me these symbols represent the Spirit of God ever moving like the winds of Iona; graceful, powerful and unpredictable.

I am trusting that this Spirit, recognized by some in these old pieces of glass in the windows of Iona Abbey, will not only help to guide me home but be present in the circle of my pilgrimage.


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