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To Iona by Train, Ferry and Bus

  on the pilgrimage
View from the West Highland Railroad
  posted October 30, 2010  

May God’s blessings surround you
And love fill your hearts
May Christ walk beside you
And never depart
Holy Spirit keep you faithful
And strong to the end
As the stars light your pathway
Sweet blessings descent.

Gormola Kernewek (Cornish Praise)
Pat Robson in A Celtic Liturgy

I am eager to leave the crowds and the hustle and bustle of life in Glasgow for the rhythmic rocking of the West Highlands Railroad. The train pulls out of Queen Street Station and within fifteen minutes we are surrounded by the colors of fall in the Highlands. The greens are overpowered by burnt orange, vibrant yellow and deep rust colored leaves in trees whose names I do not know. We weave through a glen with a long loch whose stone grey water begins to twinkle with rain drops. I feel the hassles of the city fall away.

A pilgrim can bless each step along the journey. With a new day, there are always new possibilities to give and receive blessings. The second-century Christian theologian, Irenaeus, wrote that a true pilgrim’s life was to be lived in a state of “apavia” or roadlessness. Shirley Toulson wrote that this is “…a state of complete trust in the direction of God rather than that of a human decision.” As the train travels ever closer to Oban and the ferry rides that will deliver me to Iona, I pray that this pilgrimage is blessed and open to trusting God in the direction, encounters and revelations of the journey. Thanks be to God.


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