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Letting Go and Moving On

  Railway on the pilgrimage  
  posted October 29, 2010  

I open my hands and let you go sea.
I open my hands and let you go cycle of the tides.
I open my heart and let you go gale-force winds.
I open my heart and let you go comfy bed that has cradled me
and wee cottage room that has sheltered me.
I open my mind and bring you in …
stories, beauty, new ways of thinking.
I open my mind and celebrate . . .
the wisdom and experience of others on the Way.
Loving God, with open hands, an open heart and mind
I am ready for your bidding.

Susan Copeland

Letting go and moving on where God calls has always been an important part of the pilgrim’s journey but it does not come easily to me. So today I intentionally prepared myself for the letting go. After breakfast, I walked a bit of the island and said a specific good-bye to the people and places that had moved me. I had a last coffee at the Pilgrim’s Coffee Café (There was a line outside the door before they even opened. Best coffee on the Holy Island.). I shared a table with a group of folks and their Rector who had been on retreat on Lindisfarne for the last week and were also preparing to let go of their time and experiences here. They took in this stranger in conversation in such loving way.

Then it was off in a taxi to Berwick-upon-Tweed to catch the 12:53 train to Edinburgh and finally Glasgow. Re-entry. The rhythms of the train, the flash views of the sea. When I reached Glasgow it was wet and grey. Everyone was in a hurry on a Friday afternoon, to get somewhere and see someone. The shops were full of the pulsating beat of rock music. I wandered a bit dazed and confused.

A pilgrim is invited by God to a time apart to refresh and renew. For most of us there is a time of reintegration when we must return to the rhythms of daily life but refreshed and aware of the new life within us. The manner in which we take our leave and give thanks for our time apart can help to keep our hands, hearts and minds open to whatever is before us.

On to Iona!


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