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Companions on the Journey

  Two Pilgrims  
  posted October 25, 2010  

After a restless night still adjusting to jet lag, I rose to the call of the alarm clock on my new cell phone. It was still dark and cold in Glasgow at 7:30 AM. But, I was eager to rise and get ready for the brief train trip to Edinburgh. I was scheduled to meet Janet at Waverly Station, Edinburgh around 10:30 AM. We had been “vollies” together on the Isle of Iona with the Iona Community in March and April of this year. I was looking forward to sharing our stories of the afterlife of pilgrimage since our volunteer time. This was a mini-pilgrimage of sorts. How had God engaged with us since our time as vollies together on Iona?
The early Sunday morning train ride was exceptional. The countryside between Glasgow and Edinburgh was full of fall colors and a white-light morning frost covered the shadowed fields and the grave markers in the occasional cemetery.
Janet was waiting for me at Waverly Station. It was such a blessing to see her and be with her after a bit of time. We shared coffee, stories of our experiences and how we were listening for God’s urgings at this time. We are women of a certain age (over 55) which entitles up to clear honesty and the Club 55 discount on ScotRail. Such a deal.
We walked in the splendor of a fine fall day in Edinburgh, lunched at the Café at the Scottish National Gallery and walked through the magnificent William McTaggart exhibit of sea and landscapes.
What a blessing to share and refresh the journey with the sharing of memories. I am grateful for Janet’s companionship in the past, in this present moment and in the hope for what is before us as pilgrims on the Way.

Blessings, Susan



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